Mobile modular electric power stations rated 1000 kW

The family of mobile modular multi-fuel power stations -1000 has been developed based on the considerable experience of PJSC Kolomensky Zavod gained due to production and operation of mobile modular multi-fuel power stations 2, 2, 2, 7, 7, 3, 6 as well as due to design and technological efforts aimed at Improvement of the main components of power stations in the interests of customers PJSC Gazprom and oil companies.

New mobile modular multi-fuel power stations -1000 are intended for use as main or stand-by sources of electric and heat power supply for industry and special objects as well as for villages. Multi-fuel turbocharged diesel engines featuring high degree of component commonality, low fuel and oil consumption, high reliability and durability are used as power plants of these power electric power stations. High quality of diesel engines 49 has been reaffirmed by Russian and international certificates.

Full-scale production of -1000 power stations is to start in the second quarter of 2007.

Electric power stations -1000 provide steady operation at ambient temperature from 400C to +500 C at sea level up to 3000 m, in snowy conditions and at dust content 0,5 g/m3. Power stations can work independently, in parallel with the mains or other similar stations of comparable power output. The family includes 4 modifications depending on the prime mover: diesel engine, dual fuel (gas/diesel) engine, Engine operating on crude oil and engine operating on gas/crude oil. Each of the modifications may comprise generator 6300B or 10500B.

Operation of power units is possible:

On customer demand auxiliary equipment may be included: separate air cooling or heat recovery modules, plants for crude oil treatment, control modules, crew facilities modules etc.

The scope of supply of auxiliary equipment is determined by the customer and the supplier depending on particular operating conditions and can be optimized in each particular case. To provide heat power production heat boilers recovering heat of exhaust gas as well as equipment recovering heat of coolants of the prime movers may be supplied. This permits to achieve engine efficiency of 80-85%.

Services for construction of power stations rendered by PJSC Kolomensky Zavod include project feasibility study, engineering, production, commissioning and servicing. The main characteristics of power stations -1000.

Electric power station -1000 is a module with dimensions and design which allow its loading by crane and transportation on an open rail platform or by automobile transport or water transport. Modules delivered to the customer are ready for installation on a foundation or ferroconcrete plates with foundation design resistance 150 kPa min (1,5 kg f/cm2). Service heat recovery system is made as a separate module installed next to the power station. The main characteristics of the power stations are given in Table 1.

Power stations are equipped with:

The scope of supply includes the equipment necessary for gas supply and for the power stations burning crude oil a special plant for crude oil treatment may be included. Power station control system is microprocessor-based and provides a high degree of automation. As an option power stations can be controlled by radio signal.

Functions provided by the control system: