Assembly and Welding Production

Along with traditional hand arc welding automatic and semi-automatic shielded gas quasi-arc welding as well as argon arc welding, contact welding, plasma fusion welding and metallization are used. In preliminary production shops cutting of rolled stock from 4 to 70 mm thick is done by gas cutting machines with digital control. These machines make cutting processes very efficient. In the press shop a new laser cutting machine produced by Taiwan Co. Favor Laser for cutting thin rolled stock has been put into operation. The machine has components produced by German and Swiss companies and provides cutting of stamped blanks from 0.5 to 18 mm thick within +/- 0.3 mm.

"Kolomensky Zavod" was the first in the world diesel engine industry to use technology and equipment (developed by Paton Welding Institute) for contact welding of cast steel uprights of the cylinder block crankcase portion. As a result higher quality of welding seams, considerable reduction of production costs as well as increase of productivity by a factor dozens have been achieved as compared to hand welding. Plasma powder fusion welding allows efficient use of W-Co alloys.

To control quality of welding structures such as frame of the locomotive bogie laser measuring system is used. For control of quality of welding seams ultrasonic control, x-radiography and capillary non-destructive testing is used. In assembly and welding shops argon arc welding with centralized delivery of shielded mixture to the welder working place has been adopted. Works on autoimmunization of welding processes and improvement of component precision are being carried out.