Kolomensky Zavod was one of the first in the world to bring production of thermal engines of a new class diesel engines to commercial level. In 1903 the first one-cylinder diesel engine was produced at the plant and some time later Kolomensky Zavod became the largest producer of diesel engines in Russia. In 1904-1905 diesel engines with trade mark of Kolomensky Zavod found their application at enterprises, pumping and electric power stations.



The solution of engineers of Kolomna was to apply diesel engines as power plants in river-service and sea-going ships.In 1907 the first in the world diesel-propelled tug ship Kolomensky Diesel Engine was constructed under the project of Russian engineer and inventor Raimond Koreivo. Since then an era of diesel-propelled shipbuilding started in Russia and Europe and the first supplies of diesel engines for the Russian Navy began.The plant products were awarded the first prizes at 6 international exhibitions thus winning international recognition. Kolomensky Zavod became the leading Russian producer of diesel-propelled ships.



In the 1920-ies Kolomensky Zavod became one of the largest enterprises in Russia playing a great role in the development of rail transport and many other branches of home industry. Besides, production of various types of agricultural machinery, motored tram cars, snow removers, vans was brought to a commercial level.