Electric power stations and self-contained electric power units

Self-contained Electric Power Units

PJSC Kolomensky Zavod produces and supplies stationary multi-fuel electric power units complete with the necessary equipment designed for generation of electric and thermal power and for installation indoors.Power units can work independently, in parallel with mains or power stations of comparable output.

Different fuels including natural, associate, pit, producer gas and biogas as well as diesel fuel or rude oil can be used. Gas/diesel engine provides automatic transfer to liquid fuel when interruptions in gas supply occur (with full replacement of gas) without engine unloading and with maintaining electric parameters.

Mobile modular electric power stations rated 1500 kW

Multi-purpose mobile modular power stations including multi-fuel diesel enginesare used as main or auxiliary sources of power supply for villages, enterprises of gas and fuel industry in the far-off regions of the Russian Federation.

Mobile modular power stations are based on multi-fuel diesel engines of 49 type (26/26) and are intended for generating electric and heat power.

Mobile modular electric power stations rated 1000 kW

Mobile modular multi-fuel power stations -1000 have been developed based on the considerable experience of PJSC Kolomensky Zavod gained due to production and operation of mobile modular multi-fuel power stations 2, 2, 2, 7, 7, 3, 6 as well as due to design and technological efforts aimed atImprovement of the main components of power stations in the interests of customers PJSC Gasprom and oil companies.

New mobile modular multi-fuel power stations -1000 are intended for use as main or stand-by sources of electric and heat power supply for industry and special objects as well as for villages.Multi-fuel turbocharged diesel engines featuring high degree of component commonality, low fuel and oil consumption, high reliability and durability are used as power plants of these power electric power stations.High quality of diesel engines D49 has been reaffirmed by Russian and internationalcertificates.