Manufacturing of the dimension capacity diesel batch of a new dimension is motivated by the requirements of the strategic development of the industry branch of the Russian economy.

A modern 4-stroke compound internal combustion engine dimensioned for 26,5/31 with the V-shaped cylinder location (12, 16, 20) turbo charged with the cooling of the boost air is applied for a wide range of the industrial products of a new generation: locomotives, ships, nuclear power stations.

Depending on the cylinder number of an engine the range of the engine capacity varies from 2000 kW (2720 hp) to 7360 kW (10 000 hp) making standard series where modifications common in design belong which differ in the cylinder number, forcing level, package contents though.

Design solutions basic for the engine of the type meet modern world requirements and enable to provide technical economic values of an engine meeting customers demands.

There are no producers of the kind in Russia.