PJSC źKolomensky Zavodö is a designer, a leading producer and a supplier of modern 4-stroke medium-speed turbocharged intercooled engines of type ─49 (Î═26/26) of various application. Such engines have been the core goods lately Diesel engines Î═26/26 have 8, 12 or 16 cylinders in V-version.

Engines Î═26/26 are produced in a V-type performance (of 8,12,16 cylinder). Depending on the engine speed of the crankshaft (750 ... 1100 rpm), the number of cylinders and brake mean effective pressure the engines are rated from 588 to 4412 kW.

Over 16000 diesel engines of this type have been produced since full-scale production started which have been proven positively as power supply units for locomotives, ships, stationary and mobile electric power plant, both of the basic and reserve application. In terms of environmental measures engines of PJSC źKolomensky Zavodö meet requirements of the Russian standards and the EC guidelines. The certified system of the quality management has been implemented and valid at the plant meeting ISO 9001 requirements. All engines undergo certification of Rosstandard and when necessary of the Rostekhnadzor.

The main advantage of the engines produced in Kolomna is their reliability and high maintainability due to the modularity, underslung crankshaft and the cylinder piston kit that enables repair and overhaul infield of the ─├Ë. By no means unimportant is fuel efficiency and lower price if compared with the import prototypes both of a ─├Ë and of spare parts, applied domestically made oils and services rendered.

The engines Î═26/26 are Germany, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, Syria, Poland, Baltic countries, the Belorussia, the Ukraine, Egypt, Iran, Mongolia, Korea, Cuba and other countries.

PJSC ôKolomensky Zavodö is able to realize investment projects of the production facilities update, to carry out R&D activities aimed at the improvement of the technical and economic characteristics of the diesel engines.