Metallurgical Production

Non-ferrous shop produces aluminum and bronze castings. In 2004 a new induction furnace (600 kg) with 2 crucibles allowing to double production of liquid aluminum was put into operation. A new molding machine, argon arc welder, chill mould machine and other equipment have been installed to increase production of aluminum castings (by a factor of 1.5) and to improve their quality. Steel shop produces castings up to 500 kg for diesel locomotives and engines.

In iron foundry unique multi-core castings are produced:

In the forge shop hammers with block heads having mass from 1 to 20 tn f, unique presses (2 000 tn f and 4 000 tn f) are used the latter being employed for production of crankshaft forgings by using a unique method (bending and upset forging). Heat treatment shops are intended for treatment of components.

All types of heat treatment are employed: nitriding, normalizing, hardening, carburizing, induction hardening, quenching as well as many types of electroplating such as chrome plating, 3-metal overlay of the running surface of connecting rod and main bearing shells etc. Heat treatment equipment includes chamber, shaft, electric and gas furnaces, high frequency units. All types of iron (from grey to high-strength alloyed types), all types of steel, heat-resistant aluminum and copper alloys are heat-treated. New installations have been delivered for heat treatment of aluminum.

Metallurgical production also includes pattern makers shop producing wooden and metallic models, a shop where chips and scrap are processed to form charge for steel shop and a shop producing dies and other rigs for metallurgical shops.