Mechanical Assembly Production

Technologies have been developed for large-scale production. In machine and assembly shops there are 100 production lines; automatic lines and flexible production systems Verner & Kolb are used. Over 3000 metal cutting machine tools are in operation. From the total metal cutting equipment 417 units are special equipment, 588 units are automated and semi-automated equipment, 600 units are machine tools for finishing operations and 175 units are machine tools with numeric control, 15 units of the machining center type included. The use of fixtures and measuring devices permits to produce high quality products.

The main shops producing components and assembly units for diesel engines ЧН26/26 and other engines are as follows: M-3 producing gears, M-6 producing crankshafts and camshafts, M-9 producing turbochargers, M-10 producing cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, connecting rods, valves; TM producing liner, pistons etc. For machining of main engine components (cylinder blocks and cylinder heads, crankshafts gears, fuel equipment etc.) mainly equipment of foreign companies is used. Shops where diesel locomotives are produced are as follows: TM-2 (machining of bogie frame, wheel pairs etc.), TM-3 (production of locomotive components).

For machining of turbocharger components with shaped form 5-coordinate machine tool by Hermle Co. is used in shop M-9. To satisfy high precision requirements for cylinder liners turning lathe by Traub Co. has been supplied. For machining of precision components for fuel equipment turning centre Index has been put into operation.