Trade union

The trade union at the factory was set up more than 100 years ago. In 1906 there were 30 workers members of the labor union organization; nowadays the organization consists of 4, 5 Thousand people.

Modern policy of the trade union focuses on the constructive dialog with the employer, provision of stability of social-labor relations. Relationship between workers and employers at the Kolomensky zavod for some decades are built up on the basis of the collective bargaining which enables to integrate interests into the unified system.

Recent trends in the activity of the trade union of machine builders at PJSC Kolomensky zavod:

  1. Protection of social-labor and economic rights and interests of workers
  2. Legal protection of workers
  3. Consistent increase of salary of workers of the plant
  4. 4Provision of safety labor conditions of people working at the plant
  5. Development of policy for cooperation with youngsters
  6. Socializing with veterans.
  7. Mass culture and sport and recreation facilities
  8. Maintenance of financial possibilities for health recovery of the plant workers
  9. Maintenance of financial possibilities for health recovery of the workers offsprings
  10. Motivation enforcement of the trade union membership
  11. Structural enforcement of the trade union and provision of protection of its rights.