Improvements of social setting

Recent trends:

Events of PJSC «Kolomensky zavod» to focus on the creation of favorable staff morale fostering involvement of workers into the team are held: Machine Builders Day, farewell ceremony to join the Army of the Russian Federation, Coming of Age Day, Rite of Passage Festival.

Activities are carried out to arrange and hold events devoted to the labor dynasties and Honorable labor veterans.

New forms of ethical encouragements are being implemented. Social collaboration system is under development on the basis of collective bargaining- mutual obligation between PJSC «Kolomensky zavod» and workers on behalf of the Trade Union Committee as their representative.

Root principles of the collective bargaining:

According to the collective bargain agreement guarantees in terms of labor safety and social protection of workers are fulfilled, living and working conditions are being improved. Medical sanitary station operates on the territory of the plant; treatment is provided to the workers at sanatorium- preventorium «Teplovozostroitel»; pack holidays can be bought for children of workers to visit the recreation institutions.

Company top managers actively support non-governmental organizations and their activity, including a trade union and youth committee, Board of veterans.

Corporate newsletter «Kuybyshevets» heightening awareness and staff motivation of the company celebrated 2009 its 80th anniversary. Public communication system is under development that enables IT awareness of the target groups in the city, region and country.

An exposition is exhibited at the Museum of PJSC «Kolomensky zavod» open for the public reflecting the historical heritage of the leading company of machine building in Russia.