Staff development

Recent trends:

Staff development center was set up in 2003 as an independent structure subdivision of the Staff Administration the objective of which was to provide the company with the properly trained workers with regard to its targets and strategy, also to apply the staff development system as a strong incentive factor.

Recent trends of the staff development Center:

Reserve training of the executive staff is being improved for the purpose of more effective combination of the training theory and production practice; special attention is given to the selection quality with the involvement of the executive officers to the reserve formation.

Young production workshop masters, leaders of the administrative and technical crews are learners of the Young administrator school. Such training provides practical competence in management, economics and labor organization, build up psychological and communication skills. Besides the traditional training methods for leaders and specialists mew approaches to the active knowledge acquisition are applied: coaching, game management, computerized education. .

Worker training is held directly on site with regard to the high skill requirements.

The license obtained for the purpose of conduction of learning activities enables the Centre staff to arrange training and advisory activity of the staff of other companies and organizations.