Staff recruitment, hiring and adjustment

Recent trends:

  • Planning and forecasting of the recruitment needs
  • Arrangement and build-up of the skill pool for the key posts
  • Review and analysis of the labor market
  • Follow up of the recruitment in domestic and foreign markets according to the company demands for the staff of necessary qualification
  • Applicants selection for the vacant appointments
  • Staff recruitment. Personnel management arrangement.
  • Program realization and instatement of new employees
  • Arrangement and improvements in the database to meet the long-range staff requirements of the company

Volume growth of the manufactured goods, entering into the whole new level of production, program realization of retooling and modernization demand input and renewal of the labor force: there is a need for the competent technicians, faithful workers, and talented leaders.

To be able to meet the demands for the staff the company cooperates with the principal high schools of the country and also with the specialized secondary schools and career colleges in terms of specialist training necessary for the company, arrangement of the on- job–training in the branches of PJSC «Kolomensky zavod», allotment of the final year students.

Young generation of creative potential, possibilities and drive to development, high degree of sensibility, mobility potential, fresh perspective, in the distant future will define future developments.

New approaches are fulfilled via succession pool. Groups of operational and strategic reserve are arranged for the purpose of timely provision of the key posts of the qualified staff.

Aimed at deep conversion of technological knowledge and hard skills, involvement into the main labor and social processes, building-up of the sense of participation the following systems have been created and are active:

  • Input internship of young professionals;
  • Coaching of young workers.

Professional skill competition has become a good tradition: «Top-of-the line in the job», «Young leader» enabling to build-up crafts and detecting the most promising workers, youth self-fulfillment.

Scientific- technical conferences of the young specialists are held at the company the purpose of which is attraction of youngsters to find solutions for the creative participation in production and search for resource of its successful efficiency and productivity.