Personnel of PJSC “Kolomensky zavod” is a team of highly professional and responsible workers able to accomplish strategic tasks of the enterprise aiming at continuous development. Kolomensky zavod founded over 150 years ago has rich traditions and well-established business culture.

Solidarity of values, interests, delivery of stored knowledge provide legacy continuously refreshed. More than 500 years is a total length of service of some labor dynasties at the factory. For the time being the headcount number is 7 000 people.


Production of complicated science-intensive products of PJSC “Kolomensky zavod” is based on designs and technologies developed by the specialists of the plant. Among the specialists working at the plant there are doctors and candidates of science, talented engineers, designers and process engineers. Specialists and workers of the plant have been given state awards and prizes for the development of new technology and commercialization of new products.


Staff policy objective of PJSC “Kolomensky zavod” is provision of performance potential meeting company strategy and creating conditions for the effective realization.

Approach to the staff management at the company is characterized as follows: flexibility from the point of view of advisability, mixture of current and ling-term planning, aiming at achieving maximum results (economic and social) on the basis of the effective incentives and sustainable staff development. Namely this approach enables the company to enter a qualitatively new level of effectiveness and marketability.