Kolomensky zavod fulfills a range of projects of alternative fuels, develops production of a principally new type of goods gas motors applied for production of the electrical and heat energy at power stations of basic, reserve and alarm application.

Gas motors have operated as part of a basic power station CJSC Radugaenergo since 2011 which enables energy and heat supply of a settlement.

Gas motor is a piston engine with the spark ignition the fuel of which can be different types of gas: natural, associated, generator gas and biogas.

Gas motor development is of prime importance to supply market demands in the local energy resources with the power of 800 2000 W which are now successfully sold abroad.

In 2012 Kolomensky zavod delivered a set of diesel-generating units in the amount of two DGUs 4000, three DGUs 3200, power 4000 kW and 3200kW for the standby power supply system of the power plant under construction 4 of Beloyarsky NPP (Zarechny town, Sverdlovsky Region). For the latest years these diesels turned out to be the first diesels of domestic origin of more than 1W power delivered to the Russian nuclear power stations. The experience of creation of the stand- by engines for the atomic power station in Busher and engines for the Navy ship was applied.

Alongside with the improvement of the series - produced diesels which have been launched the team of Kolomensky zavod works on creation of a new dimension range of multipurpose diesels D500 with the power range of 4 W to 7 W.

Perspective customer requirements are taken into consideration when production of a diesel.

Project is carried out in the framework of realization of the Federal Action Program National engineering capability due to the subprogram Creation and production of diesel engines and their components of new generation in the Russian Federation for the period of 2011-2015 .