New promising projects are being implemented nowadays at PJSC olomensky zavod on domain diesel engine building. New diesel electric emergency station has been produced fully automatic energy generating plant applied for the emergency service. Works have also been resumed in the area of power units for the Navy.

2005 is remarkable for the creation of a passenger Direct Current locomotive 2 with the power of 4800 kW and the design speed of 160 km/h.

2006 a passenger locomotive 70 of power 3000 kW has been launched unified with regard to the main crucial components with the 70 and 270 locomotives applied for the purpose of substitution of the 70 locomotive.

2006 a diesel-generator has been launched 21-26-01 of 2500 kW and 1000 rpm. Characteristic of a new engine is application of an electronic system of fuel delivery of a sampling action enabling air admission from the compressor to the turbo. It is the first time such system has been used in Russia. Diesel-generator 21-26-01 has been installed on the first Russian diesel freight locomotive 225 Vytyaz with the asynchronous power transmission produced by the Bryansk machine building plant.

2006 locomotive diesel engines 49 have been certified with respect to correspondence with the environmental standards EURO IIIA.