In the year 2000 PJSC Kolomensky zavod manufacture of modular portable power plants of multipurpose application was launched. These stations are used as a resource of the autonomous (main an auxiliary) energy supply for the companies of oil-and gas producing industry in the removed regions of Russia.

In the year 2002 a new generation diesel passenger locomotive was developed and constructed by the specialists of Kolomensky zavod 70 of power 4000 h.p. with the energy supply of the train carriages. Locomotive engineering design of 70 was taken for the basis one for the consistent range of locomotives.

December 4th 2003 President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Vladimirovitch Putin paid a visit to PJSC Kolomensky zavod. In the course of his stay he became acquainted with the history of the plant, dynamics of its development for the latest years, range of products launched and also arranged a meeting on the issues of further development of the transport machine building in Russia.

Head of the state in his speech spoke of the complex technical re-equipment of the transport industry branch as of one of the priorities of transport policy, whereas he also specified achievements of Kolomensky plant and an important part of the further progress of the company in realization of transport strategy of Russia.

A common trial sample of a two-section diesel freight locomotive 270 was manufactured with the feature of 6000 Wt power and presented to the public July 14th 2004. New locomotive was the first Russian diesel freight locomotive produced totally of domestic spare parts. It had been developed and constructed by the branches of Kolomensky zavod in the shortest time.