In the 1990-ies, during the years of economic crisis, the plant kept on creating new products. In 1997 the plant made 2 prototype passenger electric locomotives 200 (a. c.) rated 8000 kW with operating speed of 200 km/h maximum and design speed of 250 km/h. These electric locomotives were the first high-speed passenger electric locomotives of domestic production.



In the late 1990-ies the plant initiated re-engineering of diesel locomotives of the Ministry of Railways of Russia (). Locomotive re-engineering included replacement of obsolete engines by more efficient and reliable engines 49 produced by Kolomensky Zavod. The replacement of engines permitted to extend locomotive service life up to 15-20 years.

Comparative tests of diesel engines of Kolomensky Zavod and leading engine producers Krupp-MaK and Caterpillar in German locomotives 232 in the late 1990-ies reaffirmed high reliability, fuel efficiency and easy maintenance and repair of engines produced by Kolomensky Zavod. German Railways chose engines D49 produced in Kolomna for re-engineering of their diesel locomotives.