Diesel-gearbox set 5DRА including diesel engine 8ChN30/38 (11D42) is intended for use in the main propulsion power plant of special purpose ship to drive variable-pitch propeller.

Diesel-gearbox set 5DRА includes:
  • diesel engine 8CHN30/38;
  • gearbox;
  • coupling and spring to transmit power from engine to gearbox;
  • electronic numeric control system;
  • sound isolating coupling to transmit power from gear train to shafting;
  • interactive electronic operation manual;
  • a set of tools and appliances, spare parts as well as installation equipment (temperature controllers, coolers, filters).
Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Full power, кW 1950
Engine speed at full power, rpm 600
Overall dimensions, max., mm:
length 5800
width 1670
height 3700
Weight of diesel engine (dry), kg 23000
Standard specific fuel consumption (ISO), g/кW∙h 200
Standard specific burning oil consumption (ISO), g/кW∙h, max. 1,5
Operation time before oil replacement, h 2000
Top end overhaul interval, h 12000
Major overhaul interval, h 60000
Specified decommissioning interval, years 30
Design features

Diesel-gearbox set 5DRА having a modular design providing high operation efficiency is characterized by:

  • low and easy maintenance;
  • reliability and wear resistance of parts and assembly units;
  • long overhaul intervals;
  • ecological parameters complying with the requirements of МАRPОL73/78 and IMO 2000.