Diesel-generator including diesel engine 6ChN30/38 is intended for use as the ship main propulsion power plant.

Diesel-generator 30DG includes:
  • diesel engine 6ChN30/38 (7-2D42);
  • generator PG-167 with installation equipment (control panel, electric fan, air cooler);
  • coupling;
  • temperature controllers;
  • water-to-water and water-to-oil coolers;
  • fuel and oil filters;
  • electric pump unit;
  • automatic control system;
  • a set of tools and appliances and one set of spare parts.
Technical characteristics
Parameter Value
Full power, кW 1630
Engine speed at full power, rpm 750
Overall dimensions, max., mm:
length 5110
width 1490
height 2960
Weight of diesel engine (dry), kg 17000
Standard specific fuel consumption (ISO), g/кW∙h 185
Standard specific burning oil consumption (ISO), g/кW∙h, max. 1,5
Operation time before oil replacement, h 2500
Top end overhaul interval, h 6000
Major overhaul interval, h 30000
Specified decommissioning interval, h 50000
Design features

Diesel engine 6ChN30/38 having 2-stage turbocharging system with 2-stage cooling of charge air, a modular design providing high operation efficiency is characterized by:

  • low and easy maintenance;
  • reliability and wear resistance of parts and assembly units;
  • long overhaul intervals.