Management System

MANAGEMENT SYSTEM of PJSC “KOLOMENSKY ZAVOD” based on the main principles of quality management (ISO 9001) is certified for compliance with the following Russian and international standards.

POLICY pursued by PJSC “Kolomensky Zavod” in the sphere of quality and technical safety is approved by the general director of the enterprise.
Certificate Standard Certification System Certification body
International standard on railway products IRIS Rev 02 Certification system of the “Russian Register” Certification association “Russian Register”
International standard ISO 9001-2008 Certification system of the “Russian Register Certification association “Russian Register”
National standard RF GOST ISO 9001-20011 Certification system of the “Russian Register Certification association “Russian Register” (accreditation certificate №ROSS RU.0001.21GA45)
International standard ISO 9001-2008 Voluntary certification RS and international network IQNet system IQNet, Certification association “Russian Register”

PJSC “Kolomensky Zavod” is the Russian largest leading enterprise in production of locomotives and diesel engines for railways and special-purpose applications.

Our target is production of reliable, high quality products competitive in the domestic and international markets which satisfy consumer’s expectations and requirements for safety during design, production, operation, maintenance and repair.

With this in view we take responsibility:

  • To maintain compliance of management systems with the requirements of standards ISO 9001, IRIS, GOST ISO 9001 and GOST RV 0015-002.
  • To analyse and improve efficiency of management systems on a constant basis.
  • To introduce modern methods of enterprise (business) management, including project and process management.
  • To improve product quality and to bring production of new types of products to commercial level taking into consideration market trends.
  • To improve efficiency of measures taken to provide quality and safety of products at all stages of their life.
  • To maintain and develop staff potential through improving qualifications, developing motivation system and providing social package.
  • To enhance commitment of each worker to meet requirements for product quality and safety at all stages of product life.
  • To explain the policy in the sphere of product quality and safety pursued by “Kolomensky Zavod” and make it clear to employees at all levels.

Top management of PJSC “Kolomensky Zavod” takes an obligation to satisfy the requirements of standards ISO 9001, IRIS, GOST ISO 9001 and GOST RV 0015-002 and improve efficiency of management system on a constant basis.